You Love Red Hair Girls

Maryla Wilson Art
  You look lousy!                                                                
I mean it.
        And you look great!
        I mean it too.
Why are you sooo nice?
It gets to me!
       Really? Why are you
       so bitter? Grumpy head!
Aha! not so nice now,
are we? Miss red head!
       Oh, so you like my
       red hair, do you? See,
       you are nice too!
No, I am not! I just
called you red head!
       Get it?
Yes, I do. It is obvious, you love red hair girls
(extract from poem by maryla wilson)

My Perfect Child

extract from poem and "Child" oil
painting by Maryla Wilson
My Child. Little Bundle Of Joy.
You Were Born On One Miracle Day.
So Very Tiny,
So Very special, So Very Perfect.
I Will Look Down At You Asleep.
Admiring Your Being Of Sheer Perfection.
So Privileged To Be Your Mother.
Do Not Ever Grow Up My Child...

The Perfect Greed Money Machine

The Perfect Greed Money Machine.
Exploiting Shamelessly the Masses..
CEO's, Banks, Telcos, Corporations
And The Likes.
The Masters of Human Suffering.
Countless Lives Sacrificed.
In the Name of Shareholders
And Greedy Ones.
In the name of a $ Buck.
What Makes You the Deserving
Owners of Wealth ?
Why You Claim Luxury as Your Own ?
You Lie, You Cheat, You Exploit!
How Can You Sleep with Masses
Of Suffering Beneath Your Bloody Bed?
       Your Soul With Your Karma,
       Will Not Forge Forgiveness.
       For Your Ruthless Actions
       You Will Assuredly Pay.
Enough, Enough! Lets Share The Bread and Wealth
We All Deserve. Lets Heal The Hunger of
Our Brothers, Sisters And Children.
Lets Save Our Human Face...
(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson) 

Judgment Day

Fingers, fingers pointing.                                  
It's blown up into your face.
Tears of sorrow
Flooding down upon red cheeks.
Watching, remembering
Snippets of painful memories.
Experiences of regret today.
Random blunt bullets of truths,
Targeting  the center of
Broken heart.
Shattered into millions
Of sharp judgments.
Shivering sweat.
Wake up. Shock.
Eyes wide open .
Haunting nightmare.
Another chance...
Judgement Day to come...
(extract from poem and 
artwork by maryla wilson)

A Noble Man

He, who can stand high and tall.                                    

A Noble man, who did not know yesterday,

That he will be present today...

For he is the man,

Who stands on the pedestal of Humanity...

(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson)

I Reach For A Star

I look upon dark night's sky.
Bedazzling Stars sparkling
In multitude of misty vision.

I reach for a Star
And place it in my hand.

Reflection of tingling colors
Bouncing amidst my open palm.

What force created such a miracle..

The secrets of the Universe...unlocked
extract from poem and artwork by marylawilson


Composers of Humanity

  Composers of Humanity.                                            
Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart,
Schubert, Delibes, Verdi, Bach,
Vivaldi, Gershwin...
          I call upon your majestic flair!
Fine fingers gliding your virtuous instruments.
Only a genius can recognise within.
         Tormented by notes and millions
         Of musical complexities...
Composers of Humanity,
           I hail your granted gifts!
                                                                I Hail Your Glory!
(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson,
photographs from public domain)                                                                                           
Maryla Wilson paying tribute to Frederic Chopin, Ludwig Van Beethoven,
Giuseppe Verdi, George Gershwin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi