Countless windows,

Big and small, tall and narrow,

Short and wide, white and black,

Of different colors and shapes.  

Fascinating architecture...  
(extract from poem and 
artwork by maryla wilson)                                                                          

Religions Condemn Homosexuality

          Religions condemn homosexuality.
          Some preach: "God created Adam and Eve,
          Not Adam and Steve".
          For I tell you, True God,
          The only one there Is,
          Loves all of his Children, regardless
          Of their sexual orientation.
He loves, Adam and Eve and Steve
          Of all color and race and sexual persuasion.
          Is our Mother Earth still flat ?
(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson)

I Shall Consult My Friend

 One Day, If I Shall Not Be Able To Speak,  
I Shall Consult My Friend.
The Friend Who Resides Within Me.
The Friend Who Is My Best Friend
And Worst Enemy As Such.
Are These Truths Or Are These Lies...

(extract from poem  and artwork by maryla wilson)

Diana, The Royal Princess

Diana, the proud English Rose.
The Royal Princess of the British throne.
I hold you so dear.
My sweet soul sister,
Child of the universe.
I hold affinity with you alone.
Have we met before this lifetime,
Beyond this world.
My broken heart forever.
The broken heart of the World.
Suddenly, I felt your presence
Embracing my whole being   .
I felt your loving beauty,
For only a brief moment.
Yet, it lasted so long.
You honored my soul with yours.
Thank you Diana for this precious gift.
   (extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson)                                            


Beyond this serpent of time  
There is a vast universe.
   Stars, comets, living space
   of floating masses,
Forever expending within the infinite.
Dark energy bonded with...
   Floating, forever floating
   into infinity...
poem and artwork by maryla wilson