Your Star Was Born

Stars are Born Everyday.
Your Star was Born on a Very
Special Day - Your Birthday.
   And Every Year, at 12 am,
   Whilst You Sound Asleep,
Your Star Shines through a Secret
Invisible Wall In the Universe.
To Bless You Shine for the
Next Year ahead.
   In Your Sleepy Wonder,
   You Smile upon The Star,
   Blowing Gently Loving Kiss.
   Softly You Whisper:
"Thank You Dear Star For Shining
Me Every Minute of Times"
"Shine Me Bright in the Next Year To Be"
           "This is My Wish"
(poem and artwork by Maryla Wilson)

I Am Falling... Please Save Me..

I am Falling,
Falling slowly,
Falling deep,
Floating before my fall.
Please save me.
Save me,
Before it is too late...
(extract from poem and artwork
by Maryla Wilson)

They Want My Soul

My body alone is not enough...
My Souls is the essence They thirst for.
I feel the living, hungry breath behind me...lurking
(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson)