HEY, Listen, You Are Beautiful

I am gorgeous and beautiful. And I consider myself a model material too.

       I say, I have got what it takes.

I have got an amazing figure. Well, most of the time.

       I am unpredictable, at times random and crazy.
       It is just me, sometimes crazy, sometimes                                                                                      
rational and sometimes spontaneous.                          
artwork and poem by maryla wilson
I choose to be prim and proper...when it suits my mood.     
       Personally, I think I am Fantastic.
 I can't change ME... Because I chose not to.
There is just nothing I can possibly change.
      Love me or not. I just don't care.
      I love me just the way I am.
With all my imperfections, I am so very perfect.
I am proud of who I am. Take it from me.
Be Proud of Who You Are! You Are Beautiful, Just The Way You Are!