The Perfect Greed Money Machine

The Perfect Greed Money Machine.
Exploiting Shamelessly the Masses..
CEO's, Banks, Telcos, Corporations
And The Likes.
The Masters of Human Suffering.
Countless Lives Sacrificed.
In the Name of Shareholders
And Greedy Ones.
In the name of a $ Buck.
What Makes You the Deserving
Owners of Wealth ?
Why You Claim Luxury as Your Own ?
You Lie, You Cheat, You Exploit!
How Can You Sleep with Masses
Of Suffering Beneath Your Bloody Bed?
       Your Soul With Your Karma,
       Will Not Forge Forgiveness.
       For Your Ruthless Actions
       You Will Assuredly Pay.
Enough, Enough! Lets Share The Bread and Wealth
We All Deserve. Lets Heal The Hunger of
Our Brothers, Sisters And Children.
Lets Save Our Human Face...
(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson) 

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