As "RA" Approaches

What Wonderment Will Dawn Bring
As She Casts Her Hued Vision Over
A Darken Atmosphere
Radiance And Glitter Enhance My
Anxious Approach To Another Day Of
Life's Spasm Of Day And Bewilderment...

With Extreme Anticipation I Shall Ponder
The Unimaginable And Deluded Visions Of
A True Prophecy Of Wishful Thinking!
            "Awaken RA" !
And Color My Psychedelic Existence!
Poem by Kathy Griggs and Artwork by Maryla Wilson

Stop! Listen! You Are Beautiful!

           You are gorgeous and beautiful. 

Claim your beauty today. You deserve it.
Blond, black, plastic, fantastic. It's your call.

A guy, a girl, gay or just different.
Embrace "you".   You are just amazing.

It's your 1 call, your life...the only one you get.
   You Are Beautiful, Just The Way You Are!

Stand up for your life. Be proud of who you are...