Romeo and Julieta, Live Forever Young in Love

Tim Burton's twisted art: "Romeo and Juliet"

Tim Burton's art is sometimes refered to as "twisted". The reason is, that lots of his art has a "twist" to it. One can assume that the female fatale Julieta is the blue figure on the right, and the male Romeo is the green hairy figure on the left... Two creatures from two different worlds bonded in eternal love

Interesting Art by Tim Burton

Blue Girl with Wine, oil on canvas by Tim Burton

This piece depicts a woman, who is looking for love.. All that she wants is love, but her life is mapped out to be a dangerous life's seduction, where she is the target of lust. Her face and body is blue meaning that she is
totally unaware of her destiny, she wears her heart on the sleeve and just wants love. She sips the poisoned wine in a quest to find her true love, always waiting ..
Is it her own choice to drink the poisoned wine, use her body to seduce, in order to find "love" ???