OM and Meditation, The Power of Attraction

OM is a vibration and first Sound of Creation (of the Universe). OM is the vibration of the Supreme. The vibration produces sound. Without energy, there would not be sound.
Painting by Maryla Wilson
There is a phenomena in Tibet...when it is snowing, the vibration of OM shakes the snow forming the actual sign of OM on the Tibetan mountains.
  When you say OM aloud or in your mind, you stop all thinking.
The "chatter" in your mind, does not ever stop...but when you say OM, you put all the thinking on hold. On average, we hold up to 120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) thoughts per day; per person. This is a phenomenal figure. This is why using OM as a tool for Meditation is so powerful, because you put all thinking on hold.
  Any pray is a form of Meditation. Buddhist Monks and Buddhists, as well as other people use OM for Meditating. 
Artwork on healing crystal by Maryla Wilson
OM can be integrated with the "Power of Attraction" for manifestation. In Universe, every "Action" creates "Reaction". To create the Life that one wants: better Health, better Wealth, better Self, Abundance, Prosperity.
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Life Is Sacred

Artwork by Maryla Wilson
 If One takes Another's Life
Does One have Their Right to Live?
With cruel act, does One surrender
Their Own Right to Live!
Does One Surrender Their Own Freedom?
Premeditated, cruel, crazy act of madness
An act of One's crazed Animal Face
One surrenders It's Right to call Itself Human
One surrenders It's Right to Live as a Free Man.
One caese to exist as a "Man".
Human Life is Sacred!
No One has the right to cut It short!

Artwork by Maryla Wilson

Farewell Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Sleep Tight Violet Eyes...
Enchanted World You Left Behind.
79 Diamond years
Shined Your Magic,
Your Bright Star Smiling To The World...
Farewell Dame Elizabeth Taylor...
With Gods Speed...
Farewell Cleopatra,
Mark Anthony Awaits...

 (extract from poem and 
artwork by Maryla Wilson)


Peter Frampton 
Presented To Viewers
On The Oprah Show
As "The Rock Star"
"I Am A Musician Now,
Not A "Rock Star" Any Longer"
With Humility He Declares...

(extract from poem and painting 
in acrylics by Maryla Wilson)


Artwork by Maryla Wilson

 On the footsteps of ancient Pompeii
Dark night lit in red furry
Crazy hope escaping marching devastation
Streets and houses crumbling fleets
Consumed by angry Vesuvius...
(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson)

Beware Of Pitfalls Of Fun

Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling  
Creeps Up On You
You Slip Into It...
Your Life Once Free
Beware Of Pitfalls Of Fun..
They Will Damage Your Veins
They Will Hurt Your Heart
They Will Ruin Your Life
They Will Bleed Your Soul.
        Beware Of Drugs!
(extract from poem and artwork 
by Maryla Wilson)


Don't end Your Life! 
It is not Yours to take.
I feel for You Dear Friend,
I feel Your pain,
Screaming with desperation...
To save You,
Somewhere, somehow...
Wait! Fight it!
Things will get better,
I promise you
Don't end Your Life...
Please hear me!...
(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson)


Please Save Me!
I do not want to be a Hero
I do not want to be put to a test
Let me live my humble Life
In peace...
(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson)

Photo by Maryla Wilson


Artwork by Maryla Wilson

Did I meet You in the Altar...
In the infinite corridors of silence
With only Your Presence...
When you are in the state of "I AM"...
You forget to speak...

(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson)


For as long as I breathe
There is Hope...
(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson)


My Soulmate...

Where are You?
Eternal Wanderer
Forever searching
To find each other
Human quest...
(extract from poem and artwork by Maryla Wilson)


Robed in a shimmering dress
Searching for a prey
Sipping gold champagne
Crowded bar submerged in dim lights
Revealing intimate hunting ground
Color of lust...
(extract from poem and 
artwork by Maryla Wilson)


Summer Breeze, Forever 

Blowing Chubby Kisses Upon My Face
How I Love Thee...
The Mystery Of Fresh Misty Sparkle
Comes To Play It's Yearly Ritual
The World Comes Alive...

(extract from poem and 
artwork by Maryla Wilson)

Love, What Is It?

Extract from poem and artwork
by Maryla Wilson
Love...What Is It?
What Does It Mean?
Is It True Love
Or Is It What We Make It To Be
Your Memory Is New Today
But I Knew You
Even Before We Met


Wind breaks out furiously
Blowing sun kissed lashes of long hair
In all directions of time

Squinting curious almond eyes
Through diminishing golden rays

Delicate marshmallow clouds
Playing softly with darkening blue skies

White pearls of sand jumping...

 extract from poem and
photograph  by maryla wilson


Extract from poem and painting
in acrylics by Maryla Wilson
How Fantastic! 

For I Was Born
One Of Many
Yet So Unique

The Only Star In The World.
So Thank You For My Star

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