I Love Myself Exactly As I AM

In Time With Time
I Acquired Wisdom.
This Wisdom Allows Me Today
To Love Myself
Exactly As I AM.
For I AM.
I AM Here And Today
Perfect, Exactly As I AM...
Perfect, Whole And Complete

God, Soul, Pyramids, Energies

Artwork and Poem by Maryla Wilson
God, Soul, Pyramids, Energies, Healing, Telepathy, Psychics, Dreams, Angels, Visions, Spirits, The Paranormal.
          So Many Things Can Not      Be Measured, Weighed, Touched, 
Explained Nor Proved.
So Many Things Defy The Logic.
So Many Things Science Can Not Account For.. For Now...
Ballads, Dreams, Visions, Flying Carpets, Man
With Wings, Talking Boxes, Cures Of  Disease.
           Have You Ever Had An Experience 
           Beyond The Logic And Reasoning?
You May Have No Answer... For Now...
Time Will Only Tell...Time Is Of No Essence... For Now...

The Visionary Or Merely A Dreamer

Art and Poem by Maryla Wilson

Sometimes It Takes One
To Change The World.

Sometimes, It Takes Many
For The World To See The Truth.

Are You A Visionary
Or Merely A Dreamer ?

You May Claim The Two As One.
For The Dreams Of People
With Great Visions, Who Seek The Truth.

They Walk To Hail It's Glory To The World...

Steve Jobs... The Man Who Inspired Humanity

Maryla Wilson paying tribute to Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs... The Man Who Inspired Humanity. In His Words:

"Here's to the Crazy ones, the Misfits, 
the Rebels, the troublemakers, 
the round pegs in the square holes... 
the ones who see things differently -- 
They're not fond of rules... You can 
disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, 
but the only thing you can't do is, 
ignore them because They Change Things...
They Push the Human Race Forward...
And while some may see them as 
the crazy ones, we see Genius, because 
The Ones who are crazy enough to think 
that They Can Change the World, 
are The Ones Who Do!"

Well, you did it Steve...You put a ding in the Universe! 
Thank you. Humanity Salutes You Steve Jobs !