My dear Barold,
Remember you by...
     The Gentle giant,
     Gigantic genus of
     Sweet flair persona.
Of the darkest nights,
On brightest of days.
Caring so ever,
Suredly Intriguing.
With Mind of one of a kind,
Brilliance of a genius
Heard by platitude on timeless
Encounters of loudly fun.
   Sharing smirky joke along
   With infectious laughter,
Followed with the infamous,
Long contemptuous glare
Of deep brown stare.
Crowned with your loving lips
"Princess Precious"...
Closeness so often distant.
I just want to tell you
Dear Barold...
(extract: poem and artwork by maryla wilson)


extract form poem and
artwork by maryla wilson
I wish I never met you 

I dare not to forgive you

You are who you are

I stand silent...

But can I...


extract poem and artwork by maryla wilson
Beware of Medusa,                          
The irresistible Temptress,                        
Guardianess and Protectress
Of pure and mystical love.
    Do not dare to betray your beloved
    On a dark stormy night...
She will hunt you down...
To suffer stone living death.


The world of my creation      
Is it what it seems
Or is it my pretense?
You tell me
For I live in a distant lands...
Is it just you?
Or is it me?
(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson)


What Is Time?
Where Does It Go?
The Red Movement Of Dance
Flickering Through Your Body...

I Contemplate Upon My Next Step.
Such A Relative Ponder.
(extract from poem and "Contemplation" 
oil painting by Maryla Wilson)


As angels were ascending upon this Earth

Highest notes of harmony perfection

Hailing Maestro Delibes

A composer of the greatest...

(extract:poem and artwork 

"Lakmé" Opera by Delibes.:
Tribute to Composer Leo Delibes
 by Maryla Wilson)


Disguised in Poetry of Life,
Resides my My Soul...
Vivid dreams, forgotten realities...
Did you ever experience the same?
Will you let me know...
(extract from poem by Maryla Wilson)
Artwork by maryla wilson


             Through You I see,
            What I never new existed...
          The face of woman in Love
(extract from poem and artwork by maryla wilson)

Lady Caroline Lamb Fell Prey To Lord Byron

Lady Caroline Lamb...                                                                                       
Like a lamb she fell a prey
To the notorious Lord Byron.
Exuberant vivacious beauty,
With no regard for social etiquette...                                                                                                        
Madam, nor You, nor I knows
What Love is!!
Lord Byron and society
Had shunned Lady Caroline...

Whatever happen to Lady Caroline...
extract poem and artwork by Maryla Wilson


extract from poem and
artwork by maryla wilson
In the name of beauty
How did You become
Old before Your time.
How do You see Yourself in the Mirror ?
Vanishing slowly, tragically.
Please listen!
For I'm unbiased stranger.
Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul.
It is not too late
To claim Your Life again...

Farewell Alex, Until We meet Again

You stepped down upon this 
world for just a brief moment..
To enchant our hearts and souls...
   Alex, one of the finest, magnetic 
   yet humble Man...
   Like a breath of fresh air,
   you warmed our lives with a big 
   heart, intellect and cheeky smile.
   You shined your Star with love 
   and compassion.
And I miss our discussions of 
humanity, the meaning of life,
and music...your great loves 
and passions.
 We all knew you with Love, there 
was no other way of knowing you.
You left a mark deeply in our heart.
Farewell Dear Alex.
May God Bless You Always..
Until We Meet Again..
poem and artwork by Maryla Wilson

Child Of My Own

maryla wilson artwork
It is hard to believe! 
Child I hold you in my arms. 
Child of my own.
Child of ancient dreams.
Child of mystery.
Child of the world.

Child, who are you?
You are God-with-us.
You are every child.

You are every dream,
You are every whimper and cry.
You are every exhaustion and struggle.
You are every smile and delight.
You are every pain and misery.
You are every giggle and joy.

You are God-with-us.
You are born now,
It is hard to believe...
at least until I am willing to hold you.

Poem by Shane O'Connor


Artwork by Maryla Wilson

Wherever You are, or whatever You are
Your personality is determined by an individual Star.
That glow is important in the nightline sky
And as you look upon it you ask the question why.
Why am I here for, does the question lie above?
Is that Star shining through for a sign of Love?
No matter how much it shines or what it means to me
The Star that shine high above is my Destiny.
Poem by Kerry Wilson