Plight From Kenya

I have a question, That will lead me to my destination
And unfold my dreams and ambition
          For in it I see a vision
Of happiness and future appreciation 
         When I was young in twos
Life was sweet and in it's blues
Sitting on my feeders laps
And her, patting me in happiness
Without knowing what life had in store for me
         Today,I sit under this shade
With jiggers and mites being my friends
         They are so noble and daily companions
With nothing to fill my stomach
Watching other children happily holding onto their parents
Wishing for a new day to comer in my life
A day,the term 'father' will have a meaning to me
A day when our Kenyan streets won't have the
deprived and miserable street children
         A day when LOVE will be shower genuinely
         and shared equally through out the world
YES, my question is: Will This Day Ever Come? and When?
Poem by James Vatalis from Kenya. Artwork by Maryla Wilson

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