"OM" the First Sound of Creation

Five years ago I have had an amazing experience. I was window shopping in Acland Street. One shop which I liked was a New Age shop. In the window display I saw some lovely healing crystals. I went inside to check out what was new. I was strolling around the displays, admiring the beautiful crystals.
Next I went to a book display, and picked up a little book. I don't remember the name of this particular book, but the page I landed on was saying "om mani padme hum".. I read it in my mind, it was a mantra and I just fell in love with it. What I fell in love with the word "om"...but how did I know it ?

OM does not have any meaning. It is the first sound of creation, when the Universe was created it came with this big, deep sound "OM". The picture of  a healing crystal on the left has a gold drawing of "om" which I have hand painted.  

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