Is Pride Stopping Your Full Potential for Happiness

When you are sad, you are miserable. When you are miserable, you feel lousy. When you feel sad and miserable, you feel lonely. When you are lonely, you are possibly alone. When you alone, most likely you are single. So, how do you reverse that ? Did you know that when you feel all of the above, you are actually ageing prematurely ?
So how do you prevent aging and being sick emotional roller wreck ? This is what you do; everyday, every morning or before you go to sleep..once or more times per day, it's up to you. Start smiling to yourself in a mirror, and tell your reflection starring directly to your eyes: "I am a child of the Universe/God/Jesus/Buddha/Allah, a perfect creation. I am absolutely perfect. I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.. I am beautiful/handsome and I love myself..
"OM" the first sound of  CREATION,
Artwork by Maryla Wilson on healing crystal
I love me and I expect love and respect. I deserve love..I deserve respect..and remember: BELIEVE !!! If you don't believe, do you think that the Universe will believe you. Or anybody else for that matter ? Believe me, everything is written on your forehead..this invisible text. What you believe inside, is projected with these invisible energies to the outside world. The mirror "love exercise" works immediately. Consistently, you will see great results.
This is what Tina told me when she read my e-book:   

"hi Maryla, love your e-book, the mirror and affirmations are changing my life. I'm more confident and when I wake up I feel very chirpy and happy. I think that my forehead is now saying LOVE LOVE LOVE.. lol lots of love TINA"

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